Business Operations



One of our company goals is offering the most personalized service possible to both Doctors and patients alike. This can only be achieved by “knowing” our market. This is the task of the Marketing Department. The Marketing team is in regular contact with Doctors understanding their needs and working towards meeting these expectations. We undertake reviews and critiques of our facilities and services. This occurs in all areas of our operations. We are geared towards being the best at what we do.



FMIG is a young and growing organisation operating within a highly specialised and competitive industry. Management encourages staff participation and involvement in the future direction of the company. To maximize efficiency, output and performance, FMIG endeavours to employ the best people. We seek out the most highly skilled and trained individuals to join our organization. With a comprehensive induction program, FMIG staff are well prepared to perform all necessary job functions and requirements. To complement and reinforce staff productivity, on-going and comprehensive training is encouraged.



One of the core operational goals of FMIG is investment in technology. We fully appreciate the strong and immediate connection between the quality of services offered and technology. With this in mind, FMIG is totally committed to investing in the most advanced state-of-the-art technology. This positive investment yields in superior service and facilities for our client base and patients alike. FMIG is wholeheartedly dedicated to technology investment in all areas of the organisation. Coupled with the ongoing process of staff training and development, we see this investment making a tangible difference in the aid of early diagnosis of illness.