CT Colonography

What is a CT Colonography?

CT Colonography, also known as CT Colonoscopy, Virtual Colonography or Virtual Colonoscopy, this is a special type of CT Scan to look at the colon, or large bowel.

What happens before the scan?

To scan the colon, some dietary preparation is required, usually for 1–2 days before the scan. This is to clear the colon of any stool which might interfere with the interpretation of the scan. This involves taking a prescribed laxative, similar to having other large bowel tests, like barium enema or colonoscopy.

This will be explained to you in detail at the time of making the booking. Usually you will need to pick up the special preparation kit from the pharmacy and follow the instructions.

CT Colonography

CT Virtual Colonography at FMIG

CT Colonography

Lumen view

What happens during the scan?

After you arrive at our clinic with full overnight preparation as above, you will be asked to change and lie down on the CT scanner table. The Radiologist (Specialist) will the pass a small lubricated tube into the rectum and will insufflate a small amount of air into the colon carefully and in a controlled manner. This is very important to open up the colon so that we can see its walls on the scan for accurate diagnosis. This may cause a little bit of discomfort and bloating. A small injection to relax your colon a bit further may or may not be given.

After this, usually the scans are performed with you lying on your back, and lying on your stomach. The scans take about 5 to 10 minutes.

After the scan you will walk off the scanner and are free to change back into your clothes and go home. You may pass some more gas later on which is expected. Click here for more general info.