GP referred MRI Bulk Billing criteria from Medicare

Adult (16 years or older)
MRI Scan of the headFor any of the following:
·         Unexplained seizure(s)
·         Unexplained chronic headache with suspected intracranial pathology
MRI Scan of the spineFor suspected:
·         cervical radiculopathy
MRI Scan of the spineFor suspected:
·         cervical spine trauma
MRI Scan of knee (16 to 49 years of age only)Following acute knee trauma with:
·         inability to extend the knee suggesting the possibility of acute meniscal tear
·         clinical findings suggesting acute anterior cruciate ligament tear
Paediatric (Less than 16 years of age)
MRI Scan of the head For any of the following:
·         Unexplained seizures
·         Unexplained headache where significant pathology is suspected.
·         Paranasal sinus pathology which has not responded to conservative treatment 
MRI Scan of the spine for unexplained neck or back painFollowing radiographic examination for any or the following:
·         Significant trauma
·         Unexplained neck or back pain with associated neurological signs
·         Unexplained back pain where a significant pathology is suspected
MRI Scan of knee for internal joint derangementFor internal joint derangement
MRI Scan of hip for certain indicationsFollowing radiographic examination for any of the following:
·         Suspected septic arthritis
·         Suspected slipped capital femoral epiphysis
·         Suspected Perthes disease
MRI Scan of elbowFollowing radiographic examination where a significant fracture or avulsion injury is suspected that will change management
MRI Scan of wristFollowing radiographic examination where scaphoid fracture is suspected