Multi Slice CT

Low Dose CT Scans


With upto 82% lower radiation dose, lower iv contrast dose, mostly single heart beat ultrafast scanning with full organ coverage in one rotation, and many other revolutionary features!

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What is a CT Scan?

CT stands for Computerised Tomography (also referred to as a CAT scan). CT Scans use x-rays to take pictures from different angles around the body. A computer then takes these images and produces image slices or cross-sections through the relevant areas of the body.

Having a CT scan is painless and involves the patient lying down and being placed into the doughnut-shaped CT scanner. As the patient passes through the CT imaging system, a source of x-rays rotates around the inside of the circular opening. Sometimes an injection of contrast is given at the time of the scan to gain added information.



At FMIG we also specialise in Low Dose Cardiac CT Coronary Angiography and Calcium Score on our latest generation Low Dose CT scanners, to detect disease or narrowing of the coronary arteries. These scans can be bulk billed if referred by a specialist, mostly Cardiologists, according to strict Medicare criteria. Please call our reception to enquire whether you are eligible.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be required to lie very still on a table, which is moved into the round scanning area containing the x-ray tube and detectors. The scanner makes a buzzing sound as it rotates around the part of the body being examined. A computer processes the information and the images are then produced.

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