Telehealth For Health Practitioners


FMIG Radiology is now accepting Telehealth imaging requests, by EMAIL or Fax. This is in response to the Australian Government initiative to support your off-site doctor-patient consultations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

1. Download the editable pdf FMIG Request Form here.

2. Attach completed pdf Request Form and email it to:

3. Type the Patient NAME in the subject line of the email, for identification.


4. FMIG will contact the patient to confirm an appointment time.


Practice Managers :

1.  The FMIG referral (RTF) for BEST PRACTICE integration is also available for upload to your medical practice software system (eg Best Practice, ZedMed, Medical Director); or email your request to and the template file will be provided.

2.  Standard referral forms (pdf file) can be downloaded here.